The UAE Agenda towards the Yemeni Islands

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The UAE Agenda towards the Yemeni Islands

This book:

The (Decisive Storm) military operation, that launched by the Saudi-led coalition on March 26, 2015, in Yemen was a pretext for the UAE military presence in Aden city and the southern governorates as forces supporting the Yemeni national army.

As this UAE presence supposed to be directed towards the restoring the northern governorates and the capital, Sana’a, from the Houthi insurgency, the UAE forces got opportunity to expanding its presence in the Yemeni territory, far from the battlefield, and away from the conflict zone.

The Yemeni see ports and coasts became direct targets for the UAE military presence, whose expanding reached the various islands of Yemen.

The dangerous matter is that the UAE changed the facts on the ground in the southern governorates and the Yemeni islands, to impose its agenda by alliance with the international powers, through the conflict of interests with them in the security and political matters.

This book is discussing the issue of the Yemeni islands, which have become part of the complex Yemeni file, where the features of the land, demographic features, and the balance of Yemeni partisan forces are being changed, in favour of the UAE and the allies who stand behind them to playing these roles, which they would not be able to played without having a green light, from those regional and international allies.

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