How can the role of the House of Representatives be activated to combat corruption in the current stage?


On September 10, 2023, the Parliament — a pivotal component of the legitimate governing authority — convened for a consultative virtual meeting. This meeting coincided with the conclusion of a two-week deadline set by the Council’s presidency for the government to respond to the report submitted by the council’s fact-finding committee. This report addressed issues of corruption in such sectors as oil, electricity, communications and finance. The release of the committee’s report and the Council’s presidency memorandum ignited a political discourse and debate between the council and the government.

The call for a consultative meeting by the Parliament brought forth a diversity of perspectives, resurfacing the Parliament’s significance after years of being marginalized during the war. This consultative meeting underscored the council’s potential influence on the political landscape and its capacity to play a substantial role in combating government corruption.

This paper will explore the existing opportunities for the Parliament to enhance its role in oversight and its ability to influence government performance, with a specific focus on curbing corruption.

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