Presidential Leadership Council: Challenges Ahead Two Years In

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April 7, 2024, marked the second anniversary of the establishment of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), it signifies a milestone in the realm of legitimate authority. This formation stands out as one of the most notable transformations since its reconstruction following military intervention by the Arab Coalition, led by the Arab Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, under the auspices of the United Nations in March 2015.

Despite its generally modest and possibly disappointing performance, the PLC has shown varying effectiveness over the past two years in addressing key tasks and issues. This has been amidst a backdrop of complex challenges, including the regional dynamics marked by the de-escalation between Iran and Gulf states, as well as the emergence of regional conflicts sparked by Israeli aggression in Gaza. Meanwhile, domestically, there has been a state of stagnation and wavering between war and peace, with the conflict with the Houthi group transitioning into a resource-driven economic and monetary war alongside ongoing military confrontations, albeit at a reduced pace. This occurs against the backdrop of repercussions from the regional conflicts, particularly stemming from the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

This analysis delves into the status of the PLC two years after its establishment, examining its prominent challenges, notably those related to the events in the Red Sea region.

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