The UAE Agenda towards the Yemeni Islands

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The military operation known as the “Decisive Storm,” initiated by the Saudi-led coalition on March 26, 2015, in Yemen, served as a pretext for the UAE’s military presence in Aden city and the southern governorates, where they supported the Yemeni national army. While ostensibly aimed at countering the Houthi insurgency and restoring control over the northern governorates and the capital, Sana’a, the UAE’s presence expanded beyond the immediate conflict zones.

Yemen’s ports and coastlines became focal points for the UAE’s military activities, extending to various islands within Yemeni territory. Of concern is the UAE’s alteration of realities on the ground in southern governorates and Yemeni islands, leveraging alliances with international powers to advance its agenda in security and political domains.

This book explores the intricacies surrounding Yemeni islands, which have become integral to the complex Yemeni crisis. It delves into how the UAE and its allies have manipulated land
features, demographics, and the balance of partisan forces in Yemen to their advantage. These roles, facilitated by regional and international allies, would not have been possible without their tacit approval.

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