The Houthis and Zaydism … submission and reluctance

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This book includes two research papers that aim to reach the formation of the features of the new Hashemite Zaidiyyah, represented today by the Houthi group, which holds the de facto authority in Sana’a.

The book monitors the political transformations and developments that preceded Houthiism in the Zaidi sect and the overall interactions between the Houthis and the Zaidi traditional and partisan political movement, which ended with the Houthis dominating the Zaidi scene. 

It also analyzes the limits of overlap and connection in the political concept of the Houthis between the Hadawi imamate theory and the Khomeini Twelver guardian jurist theory, to explore the consequences of the Houthi path in Yemen.

These research papers mainly express the authors’ points of view and open the discussion at the Yemeni level, in general, as well as the level of the Zaydi and Hashemite currents, as it has become exclusively concerned with taking the initiative in clarifying the extent to which it got rid of the firm, and perhaps coarse, belief in favor of its coexistence, participation and compatibility with its society, and for it to say its word while practicing politically against national visions, at all media, educational, cultural, intellectual and sectarian levels in its name and the name of Imam Zaid and his sect.

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