The UAE presence in Yemen: A review of Practices and Impacts

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The UAE presence in Yemen: A review of Practices and Impacts

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) joined the Saudi-led coalition to support the internationally government in Yemen, through the operation of (Decisive Storm) that launched on March 26, 2015. But during its participation, the Yemeni government complained the UAE to the UN Security Council, due to its unacceptable practices that contradict with the declared objectives of this coalition.  Yemen accused it as it has committed several transgressions in the Yemeni affairs, violating its sovereignty, security, unity, independence and territorial integrity.

This book is a case study, written by many researchers to shed light on the UAE practices in Yemen and its political dimensions. This study is based on actual data and analysis of the tracks of events in Yemen during the past seven years. It explains the extent of the reality of those accusations and the size of those condemned practices.

This study aims to discuss the milestones of the UAE presence in Yemen, in 4 main chapters, the first one discusses the situation of UAE presence in Yemen before and after the (Decisive Storm). The second chapter discusses the relationship of the ruling regime in the UAE with Yemeni political parties. The third one is discussing the relationship of the UAE with the informal armed groups. The fourth chapter focuses on the UAE practices in Yemen, in several issues, including its taking over the Yemeni islands, illegal secret prisons, and private security firms.

We hope that this study will form a key to understanding the current Yemeni situation, from an angle of the UAE presence in Yemen, as it is in reality, and that it will reveal the truth as it is, through the professional research tools and the best methodology that this study practiced.

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