Tracing Yemeni Migration to Africa: Symposium by Bab Al-Mandab Forum for Dialogue at Mokha Center

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On January 21st, 2022, the Mokha Center for Strategic Studies hosted the Bab al-Mandab Forum for Dialogue. This thought-provoking symposium delved into the fascinating story of Yemeni migration to Africa. A diverse group of experts brought their unique perspectives to the table. Dr. Nizar Ghanem, a physician and artist specializing in Afro-Arab arts and music, offered insights into the artistic fusion born from these migrations. Yemeni writer and diplomat, Jamal Anam shed light on the historical context and diplomatic connections forged over time. Dr. Shakib Saleh, a researcher and university professor, provided a more academic analysis of the phenomenon. Professor Muhammad Abdul Qadir, an Eritrean journalist and researcher, offered a valuable outside perspective on the Yemeni influence in Africa. Moderated by the writer and journalist, Hamid Al-Raqimi, The discussions explored the historical and cultural aspects of Yemeni migration to Africa, providing insights into the artistic, literary, academic, and journalistic dimensions of this migration narrative.

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