Rwanda: The Inspiring Transition – A Cultural Symposium Hosted by the Mokha Center for Strategic Studies

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The Mokha center for strategic studies held a cultural symposium entitled Rwanda the Inspiring Transition over two days 15-16 February 2022, in the hall of the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, in Istanbul Turkey.

The symposium was delivered by Mr. Abimaha Salihib a former Rwandan ambassador to Egypt and Morocco, Mr. Abdul Karim Aparisa a businessman and economist, and Dr. Sana Awad, the former Sudanese ambassador who is an expert on Rwandan affairs.

The symposium was presented by Dr. Abdullah Al-Tamimi a Professor of Media and Communication, with a brief presentation on the Rwandan scene, and the transformations it witnessed during the past two decades, led by the current President Paul Kagame, ending with the urban renaissance and economic development.

Moreover, Professor Fouad Al-Hamiry, the Yemeni Deputy Minister of Information, also contributed to the presentation of the symposium, with his comments and interventions, and led an intellectual interaction with the guests of the symposium.

The symposium was attended by academic, political, human rights, and media personalities from Yemen and the Arab region in general, as the Rwandan experience attracted their attention due to the wars and internal conflicts, which some countries of the region are currently witnessing.

The audience praised the Rwandan experience and stressed the need to draw lessons from it, and to benefit from this successful experience, as it represents a model that presents a transition from fighting and war to a state of peace, renaissance, and development.

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