The Yemeni crisis in the perspective of Chinese policy

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The Yemeni crisis in the perspective of Chinese policy

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The Yemeni crisis has led to a conflict and war that have not stopped for seven years. So that many regional and international projects intersect in the aspects of the crisis. The hydrogeography of Yemen controls one of the most important gorges through which international navigation passes. In addition, any scenario for resolving this crisis requires to realize the extent and size of the influence of external parties, especially countries with regional and international weight, on the Yemeni scene and file.

This study addresses, with an analytical and investigative approach, the Chinese position on the Yemeni crisis, as China is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, and one of the most important influencers worldwide. Whereas until the beginning of the last decade its influence was focused on economic issues, it is no longer so. There are various factors that contributed to China’s view of the ongoing war in Yemen as one of the important papers in the Chinese foreign affairs files.

The study attempts to clarify the ambiguity and duplicity of the Chinese position on the Yemeni file as a research problem worthy of study and analysis, tracing the causes and motives of the Chinese position, given that the Chinese position on an issue affects the results of this case, positively or negatively.

The study included a monitoring of the performance of the Yemeni government and Chinese diplomacy, to show the extent of the achievements or failures of Yemeni diplomacy in Beijing, during the period from 2011 to 2021. It is a correct step for evaluating the government’s performance in light of a crisis afflicting the homeland, the state and the people due to important players in international affairs. The external factor has gained more weight with the length of time period of the life of the Yemeni crisis.

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