The Fuel Crisis in Yemen: Manifestations and Causes

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The Fuel Crisis in Yemen: Manifestations and Causes

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The series of crises of fuel have become a chronic dilemma in the Yemeni economic scene. This have increased with the falling the country into the armed conflict since summer of 2014. These crises have led to serious negative impacts on the economy, development, construction, services, livelihood, jobs, and life activities. It has caused big damage, especially on the industrial, commercial, agricultural and productivity structures, as they are all indirectly depending on fuel for generating power. This crisis has deeply affected the capacity of productive people, in light of severe tragic conditions, and extreme difficulties.

This case study presents a comprehensive definition and description for this complex crisis, according to its manifestations, causes, and resulting effects, based on the released official data, fact finding from the first-hand sources in the ground, and from what published in the official and specialized media outlets. The conclusion of this study determines a number of recommendations that the decision maker should take into account in setting up policies and drawing up the upcoming government plans.

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