Mokha Center and Gelişim University Conclude Annual Middle East Symposium in Istanbul”

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The “Annual Middle East Symposium,” co-organized by Gelişim University in collaboration with the Mokha Center, concluded in Istanbul, Turkey. Over two days, the symposium hosted scientific sessions attended by researchers, academics, and stakeholders from Yemen, Turkey, the Arab Gulf states, Iraq, and Egypt.

During the symposium’s opening ceremony, Dr. Bahri Shaheen, President of Gelişim University, emphasized the significance of the eighth edition themed “The Middle East in a whirlpool of expectations and ambiguity.” He highlighted universities’ pivotal role in advancing scholarly perspectives and contributing to societal well-being through research, development, and innovation.

Ateq Jarallah, Head of the Mokha Center for Strategic Studies, delivered a speech underlining the Middle East’s strategic importance amid international and regional conflicts. He noted the transformative dynamics in the region and their potential impact on security and stability. Highlighting the region’s historical, religious, and economic significance, he emphasized its centrality in global affairs due to its rich oil and gas reserves and strategic waterways.

Jarallah expressed hope that the symposium’s research papers would deepen understanding of regional issues and crises, leading to recommendations beneficial for decision-makers striving for peace and security. The symposium convened against the backdrop of rapid political and military developments and escalating regional tensions, underscoring the pressing need for effective solutions to the region’s challenges.

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