Saudi policies towards Yemen : Between the Revolution and the Decisive Storm Operation.

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Yemen and Saudi Arabia share deep historical, social, and economic ties due to their geographical proximity, fostering continuous communication and interconnection. This bond influences language, culture, customs, and traditions, making the relationship between the two nations robust and multifaceted.

Geopolitical analysis underscores the significance of geographical location and strategic links in shaping regional dynamics. Factors such as environmental conditions, demographics, common interests, and historical connections contribute to the formation of political phenomena. Understanding the Yemen-Saudi Arabia relationship requires examining various dimensions, including potential conflicts and policy overlaps.

The “February 11 Revolution” in Yemen, amidst the Arab Spring wave, significantly impacted the relationship between the two countries. Saudi Arabia, owing to its historical ties with Yemeni factions, played a pivotal role during the revolution by crafting the Gulf Initiative. This initiative aimed to address the political crisis stemming from the opposition’s struggle against the ruling regime, emphasizing a peaceful transition of power and democratic processes.

The launch of Operation Decisive Storm marked Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen, reflecting its deep involvement in regional affairs. Analyzing Yemeni-Saudi relations between 2011 and 2021 becomes crucial to understanding their trajectory amid numerous challenges, transformations, and crises.

Over more than 80 years, Yemen-Saudi relations have witnessed conflicts, agreements, tensions, and alliances, significantly impacting Yemen’s internal dynamics. Saudi Arabia’s role, particularly its influence on Yemeni factions, regional decision-making, and military leadership, underscores the complexity of this relationship and its implications for both countries’ futures.

Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen, both politically through the Gulf Initiative and militarily via Operation Decisive Storm, has shaped the Yemeni landscape and influenced the Yemeni parties’ attitudes towards Saudi Arabia. Understanding Saudi policy towards Yemen amidst changing circumstances and international factors is essential for grasping the dynamics of this critical relationship over recent decades.

The study aims to achieve the following:

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of Saudi Arabia’s policy towards Yemen over a decade, starting from the onset of the February 11 revolution, considering both internal and external influences as well as regional and international factors affecting it.

  • Analyze the current reality in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, including all interactions, aspects, and dimensions, with complete impartiality and without bias, aiming to present a thorough and accurate analytical study.

  • Discuss an issue of significance impacting the internal dynamics of both countries and their people, as well as its broader implications on the regional and international stage.

  • Contribute to enhancing political awareness regarding Saudi foreign policy towards Yemen, both regionally and internationally.

  • Highlight the political and social complexities within Yemen and Saudi Arabia, including Saudi involvement in these complexities, which have had adverse effects.

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