Mokha Center Director Participates in ‘International Conference on Peace and Humanity’ in Amman”

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At the International Conference on Peace and Humanity, hosted in Amman, Jordan, and endorsed by former Jordanian Prime Minister Dr. Faisal Al-Fayez, notable Arab and international figures convened to deliberate on crucial matters. Among the participants was Atiq Jarallah, the head of the Mokha Center for Strategic Studies.

In his presented working paper titled “The Role of Societal Groups in Establishing Peace,” Jarallah underscored a fundamental assertion: the construction of peace within a society necessitates a profound comprehension of conflict’s underlying factors and their comprehensive resolution. Addressing these elements holistically becomes paramount to eradicating the bedrock issues that possess the potential to erupt into crises at any juncture.

Jarallah delved into the multifaceted origins of armed conflicts, delineating three core spheres: geography, ethnicity, and ideology. He expounded on the pivotal roles played by various entities—youth, families, tribes, elites, and religious leaders—within the fabric of these conflicts.

The emphasis was on the youth cohort, recognized as a potent human force and an unfortunate casualty often embroiled in the heat of battle. The youth population emerges as the demographic most directly impacted by the cyclic turmoil within any society. Their vulnerability to casualties and injuries marks them as victims, imperiling their very existence and future prospects.

Jarallah elucidated that immediate and formal solutions applied to the nuanced sub-aspects of armed conflict frequently yield ephemeral results, with limited tangible gains over the medium and long term.

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