Mokha Center for Strategic Studies Highlights Yemeni Crisis at MESA’s 57th Annual Meeting in Montreal

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The Mokha Center for Strategic Studies participated in the Conference of Centers for Middle Eastern Studies in North America, held in Montreal, Canada.

During the conference, the Center participated in a symposium focused on Yemen titled “The Yemeni Crisis: Opportunities and Challenges for Peace.”

Key speakers at the symposium included:


-Hoda Moqbel, an International National Security Advisor and former candidate for membership in the Canadian House of Representatives in Ottawa. She discussed “International policy trends in the Yemeni crises” in her paper.

– Khattab Al-Rouhani, a Yemeni-Canadian journalist and media expert, who presented on “The Role of the Media in the Yemen War: An Analysis of its Impact and Future Recommendations.”

– Dhia Al-Saeedi, a Yemeni researcher and doctoral candidate at the University of Ottawa, shared insights in his paper titled “A brief historical analysis of the construction and destruction of the state in Yemen.”

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