“Yemenis Stranded in Sudan: Caught Between Government Negligence and the Depths of Suffering”

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The Yemeni stranded in Sudan called the  world to urgently evacuate them to their country, as a result of the humanitarian crisis they were in, as a result of the bloody fighting between the Sudanese army and the Sudanese Rapid Intervention Forces in the capital, Khartoum, and neighboring areas, which resulted in the killing of thousands of Sudanese civilians and a humanitarian crisis for all… Residents of Sudan are local and foreign.

The Yemeni stranded in Sudan were forced to launch a massive media campaign, on Friday, to make their voice heard to the outside world, to relieve them of the catastrophic humanitarian situation in which they were trapped in Sudan, after the Yemeni government ignored the issue of their evacuation from Sudan, where they fell between the jaws of pincers, between violent bloody fighting. In Sudan, and among their country, which has been afflicted by war for more than 8 years.

This urgent appeal came to the Yemeni stranded people in Sudan after many of them faced the scourge of war, which caused the death and injury of many of them, without the Yemeni government taking any action towards their case, and the staff of the Yemeni embassy in Khartoum was among the first to flee abroad, according to many of the Yemeni stranded people.

At a time when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia evacuated more than 5,000 people stranded in Sudan, according to official sources, from citizens of about 97 nationalities, by sea and air from the Sudanese city of Port Sudan on the western bank of the Red Sea, to the city of Jeddah on the eastern bank of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, including about 400 Yemeni stranded people, from the beginning of the Sudanese war until the end of last April, while the Yemeni government did nothing to evacuate the remaining Yemeni stranded people in Sudan, who are estimated at thousands.

Yemeni stranded people in Sudan told Al-Mokha Center horrific stories of what they were exposed to during the Sudanese war. They said that we fled the scourge of war in our country, Yemen, in search of safety, only to be surprised by the outbreak of internal fighting in Sudan, which put us in a very critical situation, and our suffering was increased by the lack of a state. The Yemeni government failed to provide all services to its Yemeni citizens abroad.

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