The Fuel Crisis in Yemen: Manifestations and Causes

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The ongoing fuel crises in Yemen have become a persistent issue in the country’s economic landscape, exacerbated by the onset of armed conflict since the summer of 2014. These crises have had severe repercussions on various aspects of the economy, including development, infrastructure, services, livelihoods, employment, and daily activities. Particularly damaging effects have been observed in industrial, commercial, agricultural, and productivity sectors, all of which rely indirectly on fuel for power generation. The crisis has significantly hampered the productivity of the workforce amid dire circumstances and formidable challenges. This case study aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of this multifaceted crisis, examining its manifestations, root causes, and resultant impacts using official data, firsthand accounts from sources on the ground, and information from both official and specialized media outlets. The study concludes with recommendations for policymakers to consider when formulating strategies and plans for the government’s future actions.


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