Researchers Analyze Yemeni Revolution in ‘Paths of Dignity’ Book Discussion

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The Mokha Center for Strategic Studies recently hosted a Twitter space titled “The Houthi Group’s Perspective on Political Partnerships,” attracting a range of distinguished intellectuals and politicians for an in-depth discussion. Key figures included Dr. Adel Al-Shuja’, a member of the General Committee of the General People’s Congress, Nasr Al-Din Amer, a media representative from the Houthi group, and Saif Al-Muthanna, a liaison officer at the Washington Center for Studies. The event was moderated by media professional Bashir Al-Harthy. A diverse group of participants, representing various political affiliations, parties, and research analysts, engaged in the discussion. The conversation focused on the Houthi group’s views on political engagement and national partnerships, exploring their relationships with other political entities and societal groups. This was all discussed within the larger context of international and regional efforts to reach a political settlement and end the Yemeni conflict. The dialogue covered the Houthi group’s emergence, the ideology shaping their stance, their key characteristics, their approach to national endeavors, and their political goals and vision for collaboration. A significant part of the discussion examined the alliance formed in 2016 between the Houthi group and the General People’s Congress, specifically the faction aligned with Ali Abdullah Saleh. Participants explored the foundations of this partnership, its development, and its outcomes. They noted that successive agreements with the Houthi group facilitated their territorial expansion within Yemen, which began with the Saada governorate’s separation from the central state in 2011, and continued through Amran, ultimately leading to the capture of Sana’a.

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