Examining the Yemeni Crisis through the Lens of Chinese Policy

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The Yemeni crisis has evolved into a protracted conflict spanning seven years, attracting the attention of numerous regional and international stakeholders. Yemen’s strategic hydrogeography places it at a crucial juncture for international navigation, further heightening its significance on the global stage. Understanding the complex web of external influences, particularly from powerful countries with regional and international clout, is essential for devising any viable solution to the crisis. This study employs an analytical survey approach to examine China’s stance on the Yemeni crisis, considering China’s status as one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, a key player in global affairs.

Multiple factors have shaped China’s perspective on the Yemeni conflict, positioning it as a significant issue within the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s agenda. The study delves into the rationale behind China’s stance, including its motivations and interests, while also assessing the performance of the Yemeni government in engaging with Beijing from 2011 to 2021. Through this analysis, the study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Yemeni diplomacy in navigating relations with China during this critical period.

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