Women above Ashes


         Executive summary

This study highlights the impact of conflict, war and the unstable environment on Yemeni women as the most affected groups in society; they offer a high cost, either by losing their breadwinner, a family members, relatives and wombs, or by becoming a breadwinner for an extended family, in both the city and the countryside. They also refer to the challenges that have accompanied women since the beginning of the State’s absence in 2014, the start of the war in 2015, and until the time of writing of this study.


The study focused on presenting the most significant repercussions of war, whether psychological, health, educational, economic, social or humanitarian, reviewing interviews with a number of women who constituted an individual situation in dealing with the war environment and not surrendering to it. The study used an exploratory questionnaire, which was distributed to 70 women personalities, who were active in former Yemeni society and during the war, with field meetings and interviews to review their experiences during years of war of building Yemeni women’s personalities with superior adaptation,    entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship and societal contribution.

The researcher distributed an exploratory questionnaire to an intentional sample of the target group of the study, commensurate with the content of the discussions, appended to the stories of some women’s efforts, with a number of recommendations relevant to the study.

The study had great difficulty in communicating with women in Yemen’s interior, who were entrepreneurs who had not been monitored by cameras or documented by the media, owing to security considerations and social difficulties.

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